Fire- Crackers & Sinhala & Tamil New Year

Fire- Crackers & Sinhala & Tamil New Year


Sinhala New year is a day of consecration. This day is dawn on 14th of April. This is a most important national festival to Sri Lanka which 93 % of the population celebrates this with disciplines, piety & conviviality.

On this New Year there are some special events & things that people do not use to forget. Fire crackers are also some sort of an unforgettable event. Fire crackers are small explosive devices that produce to design primarily for a large amount of noise, in the form of loud bung. They are wrapped with using heavy paper casings & contain with the explosive compound.


Fire crackers are very communally used in celebrations & festivals. Today after several times these fire crackers help to people to celebrate New Year festival with the constant lighting of fire crackers.

Children are so much happy with these fire crackers. But adults have to be very careful with your loving children.  These beautiful fire crackers will put an end to your happiness. Every year we can hear a lot of accidents that occurred because of these fire crackers. As this is so much beautiful & pleasure this also so much deleterious. So save your smile & happiness through the New Year ends. Wish you all for a happy & peaceful New Year!!!!


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